Functions, Rules and Services

          CLIC provides information support to students and faculty members.It is divided into seven sections.
Circulation section deals with all matters of circulation, lending, property counter, security desk, reception, membership etc.
Service section renders reference services, information services, bibliographic services, current awareness services etc in the library
Acquisition, technical, periodical, maintenance and IT sections function to support all the front end services.
          CLIC conducts orientation/induction/training/familiarization programmes regularly for the students and on need basis to faculty.

Working Hours

                                        On Working Days                                                           

                         Reference           :         8.00 am to 8.00 pm                                              
                         Loan counter      :         9 am to 4 pm                         


     Admission is restricted to the members. Visitors are to sign in the Entry Register and membership card should be shown at the counter. Private belongings, books, bags, etc. if any, are to be deposited at the property counter at the entrance of the Centre. Prior permission should be obtained to carry laptops and tablets into the library.

Loan Privilege to Members

              Category                                    No. of books privileged                   Period of Loan

        Students (UG)                                     3                                                  15 days
        Students (PG)                                     4                                                  15 days
        Non-Teaching Faculty                         2                                                  1 month
        Teaching Faculty                                 4                                                  1 month
        HODs                                                  6                                                  1 month

Conditions for loan

Production of Smart ID card is mandatory for transactions.
Books kept beyond loan period shall render the member liable for an overdue charge of Re 1 per day per volume.
Journals, periodicals and reference books will not be loaned out.
A member can reserve a book
The Librarian reserves the right to recall any book from any member at any time.
All members shall obtain a "Clearance Certificate/No Due Certificate" after clearing liabilities at the time of completionion of course or leaving the institution. Duplicate Clearance Certificate will be issued only on payment of Rs 100/- as penalty and service charge.
Members shall be responsible for any loss or misuse of borrowing facility. They shall be liable to compensate the loss which library may suffer.

General Rules

Silence should be maintained in the library.
Use of Mobile phones inside the library is not permitted.
Photography/videography inside library is not permitted.
Personal belongings are not allowed inside the library.
Users should be in proper dress to get admission to the library. Students are to observe dress code prescribed by the college for entry into the library.
Users should maintain discipline in the library. They shall not engage in conversation or discussion.
Personal copies of books and the library books once checked out cannot be taken inside the library.
Users are liable for checking by the security staff at the exit for the materials taken out of the library.
Members are to observe Borrowing Rules of the library.
Users are to maintain queue at Circulation Counter for issue/return/renewal of books.
Members shall not write upon, damage, mutilate, mark, tear or fold any book. If found so, members shall be liable for replacement of book/payment.
Members caught stealing books shall be liable for disciplinary action/punishment.
Members are to wear Photo identity card.
Users are not permitted to alter the arrangements of library tables, chairs, etc.
Internet use in the laptop lounge is restricted to learning purpose only. E-mail, chatting, Facebook and other social network activities are forbidden and defaulters are liable to be debarred from using the facilities.
Users are to keep library premises clean.

Library Services

The services provided by the library are of two categories:-


Short range Reference service
Book Lending service
Information alert service
Newspaper clipping service
Current awareness service
User awareness service
Reprographic service


Internet services
Long Range Reference Service
Literature search service
Bibliographic compilations
Audio/Visual services
Special Access Arrangements
Inter Library Loan (Through DELNET)