Language Lab

          Language is a medium of communication. Communication implies carrying of message or receiving of message. Students from various cultures feel hard to learn English and its proficiency. The thirst of English language learning needs some solution. The language lab is a technological break for imparting skills in English. The language lab offers an exclusive result oriented and efficient method to enrich the English language learning process. Break through the traditional teaching method with the rich teaching material contents, the digital language lab motivates students' learning attitude, providing an interactive learning environment.

          Foreign language learning lends itself naturally to the use of media. The language lab is the solution and need of the hour to learn English language. The quality of the language proficiency will be more when they learn it from the multimedia, digital and computerised language Lab. By high merit of its unique equipment and its unambiguous pedagogy, it stands alone. The computer now fulfills all the need of language educators and gives life to language for many learners. In the college, there is a fully functional language lab with self learning software modules which helps the students to improve the proficiency of English. Experienced faculty members are also there to guide the students.